Sunday, July 5, 2009

Photosharing Sites

-Photo-sharing can be very useful in a classroom. It can show others what the class has done, show memories for the class to share, and it can be use to teach.
-Some activities that photo-sharing can be used for example, is that say you want to convey that what student's have done in class matter to the you the teacher. Take pictures of the class and what they are doing, then put it up as a slideshow on the class Wiki if you have fun and tell everyone to check it out. It might give the students pleasure to see the teach acknowleging what the students have done.
-Another example that can be done as an assignment having to do with photosharing is having the students document an outside of the class assignment that had to be done. It's one way that you can incorporate photo-sharing and to see the students actually doing the outside of the class assignment that was to be done.
-Photosharing is a great thing in my mind, though it can be a little difficult to use at first. I myself had some troubles, for example, when trying to use the photo-sharing gaget on google to the class Wiki. But in the end I finally got it, after fiddling with it more than a dozen times.

Monday, June 29, 2009

What do I think of Steve Hargadon

His first point I really like, "You don't really know what social networking sites you create will take off or succeed." You really don't know what is going to succeed or fail on the internet. It's just a gamble that you have to take if you really want it. And a gamble it is, for if you succeed with this you make millions, and if you fail you lose millions.

One of his points I didn't agree with though, "topic or content is maybe not as important as the act of engagement" I think that Topic or the content of the site is just important as the hook to get you into the site. Just because you look at the website doesn't necessarly mean it has the interest to keep you hooked. That's why the content needs to be great. Otherwise, the site isn't very popular. Just because of the number of views you have, doesn't make the site popular. They could just be looking at it in passing.

Social Networking

The social neworks I researched were Facebook and Myspace since they are practically the same thing.

What was the target audience for this social networking site?
--The target audience are the younger generation and those who want to keep in touch with friends using bulletins (where they can update others on the day's events), games(where friends can challenge each other, seeing who can get the better score.), sharing pictures, (for those who aren't in each others lives, they can glimsp into a friends life), blogging and chatting (in chattrooms designed specifically for those social network sites).

How long was the site in existence?
Myspace has been up longer than facebook. Myspace started in August of 2003 and Facebook started in Feburary of 2004. So these websites are relitively new in some sorts because they are always updating.

Why was it popular?
Facebook is more popular than Myspace because it has more option to stay connected with your friends than Myspace. But now Myspace is taking a tip from Facebook and adding some technolgies to its website that is the same as Face book. Why these are popular are because they have cool applications, like uploading videos to your page and playing games with yourfriends and chatting at the same time.

What was its demise?
Myspace's demise is that it's slow to upload to a new page. Especially if you want to play a game that is on it's website, it takes at least 2 minutes to upload. Facebook's downfall will be that of the critics saying that we should go back to Myspace, and that Facebook is just a copy of it.
Is/was there another competitor in the same market that was more popular?

Would you ever consider creating an account and using it? Explain your reason using a personal experience as an example.

I have accounts with both websites, and for my personal use I mostly use Facebook. I find it more faster in uploading pages and has more games I like to play with my friends.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Thoughts on Wiki

So in this blog we're supposed to be talking about Wiki's and how we could use it in our classroom lives. Well, first off I'd like to say Wiki isn't for me. I've tried for two hours just trying to create my own, which was really freaking hard.
I always thought I was really great with technology and was up to date on all things internet wise, but apparently not because Wiki knocked me over to the ground real fast.

The wiki I created couldn't really be used in the class because it's mostly personal. If the people wanted to get to know me more, I guess that they could take a look and seen all the places I've gone. But in all I wouldn't use Wiki in the classroom. Some of us are just not into all that creating your own space on the internet. Look at me, the only places I can say are really mine is this blog right here, and the others I've created on this site. Otherthan, myspace, or facebook pages that I created thats all that really is mine on the internet. Why do you need more? What really is the point to a Wiki? Granted, I use Wikipedia all the time, to get info on things I didn't know. That site gave me a deeper understanding on how hard it must have been to create all those Wiki's embedded into Wikipedia. I couldn't even stand creating one Wiki. Imagine trying to create over a hundred of them.

If I was to create a Wiki for the classroom I was teaching my purpose would be to get the children engaged in what I was teaching. I would make the post comments on that Wiki, and maybe add a little info on what they've learned on the subject I'm teaching that isn't on the Wiki I created. I would expect my students to contribute their ideas on the subject that the Wiki is on, and actually edit and maybe display their thoughts on there too.